Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starting the Road to 5k | Chelsea Bennett

Yesterday, I went for a run.

I'm calling it my first official training run, but it's actually the second.

The real first one was such a joke that it can hardly be counted. You see, I have an an
adorable dog named Katie. She's a one-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with very, very short stumpy legs. Last weekend, it was decided that my fiancee and I would take Katie on our first run. Honestly, she's pretty lazy and needs the exercise. So, we laced up and hit the levy. About ten minutes in Katie couldn't do it. She gave up, laid on the ground and completely refused to move. We had to take turns carrying her home.

So much for starting off with a big success.

Yesterday, we decided to start over. It was about seven and starting to get dark outside, which to me is always a bit depressing. I love daylight savings time and dread the dark winter evenings. All the same, we decided we would run the levy in the dark. In retrospect, this may not have been the best plan and we should probably invest in glow sticks, reflectors or something if this is going to be a normal occurrence. After we made it up the giant hill that brings you on to the levy running/bike path, I started to feel bugs running into my face. Being so close to the river right at dusk, I'm guessing this is a normal thing, but nothing prepares you for feeling like a bug is going to fly into your mouth at any second. We cranked up couch to 5k and started going. Moments after, here come some kids on skateboards almost running us over - which confirms that the glow sticks are probably a good plan. So, I've got the bugs and then the fear of skateboarders working against me, however, somehow I got past it. 

I couldn't help but be completely in love with how pretty the river was at that time of day. The horizon was seven different of colors of pink and orange all melting into the river. Last night, the cold front blew in hard, but I think the wind was blowing the hardest on the river. It was like a giant fan blowing at the perfect temperature. You could barely hear it was blowing so hard. As it got darker, we got closer to downtown. The city lights reflecting on the water were beautiful. For a minute, in between the wind, the sunset and the lights, I understood why people run. Somewhere in the one minute running bits of the training, I felt like I could run forever.

But then I came to my senses and started to feel like death was upon me.

I have no idea how to breathe when I'm running. Trust me, I've heard all there is to hear about it. I know it's a pattern. I know it's in with the nose out with the mouth. Even equipped with all of this knowledge, I feel like I'm constantly gasping for air with my chest aching in the process. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was some weird asthma thing. I'll be real with you though, it's probably that I have no clue what I'm doing.

All the same, I considered my run mostly enjoyable - which is a huge milestone for me. Also, I'm giving myself points for actually getting off the couch to go run. I'll take any reason to celebrate that I can get.

So, one run down, seventeen more weeks to go.
General feeling: I've got this (maybe.)

Chelsea Bennett
DHH Public Relations Specialist 

Chelsea is a 22 year-old, taking on the challenge of the 2015 Louisiana Marathon Advocate 5k. A lover of all things southern, she is an LSU grad, completely infatuated with the sweet Louisiana life and everything quintessentially “Baton Rouge.” Find her by the pralines or follow Chelsea on Twitter @GeauxChels

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